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Heather Gayton

SPASD - Creekside Elementary
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
I am a 5th Grade Teacher at Creekside Elementary School. I am currently implementing curriculum enrichment practices across all units of study in our fifth grade curriculum. I am an advocate for challenging advanced learners and love implementing best practices and tools from professional development opportunities in my own classroom. I will admit that my goal is to mainstream gifted education practices so that every classroom teacher "buys into" meeting the needs of every child, including those with unmet needs in gifted education. I am currently working on researching and implementing personalized learning and independent studies within my classroom so that others can learn from my insight and experience with innovative classroom practices.
This year's session will introduce personalized learning, independent studies and student voice and choice practices. I will be focusing mostly on classroom management, planning, accountability and conferencing throughout all subject areas. The examples featured in this session will be at the 5th grade level but can be modified and adapted to any grade level.
Thursday, October 13

7:45am CDT

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Friday, October 14

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